Histochemical Stains

Histochemical stains are essential techniques used to visualize tissue and cell structures. Living or fixed cells have very little inherent color and only small differences in the refractive indices of their component parts. By staining tissue sections, scientists and pathologists can observe tissue morphology (structure) or identify the presence or prevalence of particular cell types, structures, or even micro-organisms under a microscope.

Histochemical stains include routine H&E stain and special stains. Routine staining primarily refers to the hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain, while special staining covers a wide range of methods and techniques used to visualize specific tissue structures, elements, or even micro-organisms not identified by H&E staining.

At VitroVivo, we provide over 36 commonly used histochemical stain kits for routine and special staining applications. For more information, please click on each product kit below.

Guidance on Choice of VitroView™ Histochemical Stain Kits

Product Name SKU#  Visualization For
Hematoxylin and Eosin Stain Kit  VB-3000 General morphology of tissues and cells

Mammary Gland Whole Mount Stain Kit

VB-3001 Structure of the whole mouse mammary glands
Alcian Blue Hematoxylin-Orange G Stain Kit VB-3002 Cartilage, mature bone and immature bones

Alcian Blue Stain Kit

VB-3003 Tissue mucosubstances
PAS Stain Kit VB-3004 Glycogen, mucin and fungi

Alcian Blue – PAS Stain Kit

VB-3005 Both acidic and neutral mucins as well as mixtures of acidic and neutral mucins

Luxol Fast Blue Stain Kit

VB-3006 Basic neuronal structure in brain or spinal cord tissues
Oil Red O Stain Kit VB-3007 Lipid and fat staining on frozen sections
 Alizarin Red Stain Kit VB-3008 Calcium on tissue sections
Prussian Blue Stain Kit VB-3009 Ferric iron in tissue sections
Nissl Stain Kit VB-3010 Nissl body in the cytoplasm of neurons

Congo Red Amyloid Stain Kit

VB-3011 Amyloid deposits

Sudan Black B Lipid Stain Kit

VB-3012 Lipid and fat staining on frozen sections
Toluidine Blue Stain Kit VB-3013 Mast cells

Modified Gomori’s Trichrome Stain Kit

VB-3014 Connective fibers

Bielschowsky’s Silver Stain Kit

VB-3015 Nerve fibers, neurites and neurofibrillary tangles

Masson’s Trichrome Stain Kit

VB-3016 Collagen and muscle

Picro-Sirius Red Stain Kit

VB-3017 Collagen fibers

Reticulum Stain Kit

VB-3018 Reticular fibers

Verhoeff Van Gieson Elastin Stain Kit

VB-3019 Elastic fibers

Fontana-Masson Stain Kit

VB-3020 Argentaffin granules and melanin
Rhodanine Copper Stain Kit VB-3021 Copper deposits
COX/SDH Double Histochemistrical Stain Kit VB-3022 Detection of mitochondrial function
Movat Pentachrome Stain Kit VB-3023 Collagen, muscle tissue, reticular fibers, mucins and fibrin
Southgate’s Mucicarmine Stain Kit VB-3024 Mucin
Jones Stain Kit VB-3026 Basement membrane
Colloidal Iron Stain Kit VB-3027 Carboxylated and sulfated mucopolysaccharides and glycoprotein
Safranin O Stain kit VB-3028 Cartilage
NADH-TR Histochemistry Stain Kit VB-3029 Patterns of myofiber injury characteristic of congenital and mitochondrial myopathies, & specific muscular dystrophies.
Metachromatic Myofibrillar ATPase Stain Kit VB-3030 Identify different types of muscle fibers based on their ATPase activity
Periodic Acid Silver Methenamin Stain Kit VB-3033 Renal glomerular basement membranes
Verhoeff Elastic Masson Trichrome Stain Kit VB-3034 Elastic fibers of all sizes, nuclei and connective tissue
Thioflavin S Stain Kit VB-3035 Neurofibrillary tangles and senile plaques, or amyloids
Martius Scarlet Blue (MSB) Stain Kit VB-3036 Fibrin, muscle, collagen, and erythrocytes.

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Showing all 37 results