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FFPE, Frozen and LCM Sample Analysis

Formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE), Frozen and laser microdissection (LCM) Sample Analysis Services

As a histology and molecular histopathology company, VitroVivo not only provides full scale histology services, but also offer FFPE, Frozen and LCM sample analysis services. These services cover the downstream application of  molecular biology and next generation sequencing (NGS): 

  1. Extract or isolate DNA, RNA/miRNA and protein from FFPE tissues, frozen tissues and  LCM samples
  2. PCR and RT-PCR
  3. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) services: 
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Single Cell RNA Sequencing
  • Human Exome Sequencing
  • MicroRNA Sequencing
  • Target Capture Sequencing
  • Whole Human Genome Sequencing
  • 16S Metagenomics
  • Customized NGS Data Analysis

Our experienced biomedical scientists are able to offer these high quality services to bio. It will greatly accelerate your research projects. For more information, please send your request to: