SRB Viability/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit

Sulforhodamine B (SRB) Cytotoxicity Assay is a sensitive, reproducible and easy-to-use assay based on the ability of SRB to bind to protein components of cells that have been fixed to tissue culture plates.  Cytotoxicity assays are widely used by the pharmaceutical industry to screen potential cytotoxic candidates in compound libraries. The SRB assay is used to investigate cytotoxicity in cell based studies and it is the method of choice for high cost-effective screenings.

Sulforhodamine B (SRB) Viability/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit is a colorimetric assay based upon the quantitative staining of cellular proteins by SRB. The SRB assay provided a better linearity with cell number and a higher sensitivity. Cell debris is not stained by SRB, therefore the sensitivity of SRB assay for cytotoxicity detection is not affected by cell debris. SRB Viability/Cytotoxicity Assay Kit has been widely used in cytotoxicity and cell viability studies.

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