Andy Fluor™ Labeled Secondary Antibodies

Andy Fluor™ Labeled Secondary Antibodies has good roles to play in biological research involving target antigens and primary antibodies.

Fluorescent labeling of biomolecules enables researchers to detect specific components of complex biological assemblies with exquisite sensitivity in applications ranging from imaging and flow cytometry to western blots.

A labeled secondary antibody assists in the detection, sorting or purification of target antigens by binding to the primary antibody, which directly binds to the target. Indirect detection of the target antigen using secondary antibodies requires more steps than direct detection using primary antibodies, but it has the advantage of increased sensitivity due to the signal amplification from multiple secondary antibodies binding to a single primary antibody.

Fluorescent secondary antibodies are commonly used for the indirect detection of target antigens in many applications including fluorescent cell imaging, western blotting, immunostaining and more.

VitroVivo offers a wide selection of fluorescent dye conjugated secondary antibodies for your research, featuring our exceptionally bright and photostable Andy Fluor™ Labeled Secondary Antibodies dyes.

1) Bright fluorescence with low background: Similar performance with Alexa Fluor® conjugates
2) Excellent photostablility: Resistant to photobleaching
3) Great selection of fluorophores: different Andy Fluor™ dyes for multicolor imaging
4) Instrument compatibility: Excitation and emission spectra fit to the most popular fluorescence instruments’ laser settings and emission filter sets.

Choosing a secondary antibody is straightforward: select a secondary antibody that recognizes the host species used to produce the primary antibody of interest but identifying the optimal secondary antibody requires knowledge of the detection assay.

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