Cell and Organelle Stains

VitroVivo Biotech is positioned to provide a spectrum of cell structure probes to specifically stain ranging from organelle and membrane to whole cell. These stains have been widely used as counter-stains. They help identify the location of specific proteins and targets of interest within the cell.

The cell structure probes by VitroVivo are designed for organelle-specific stains for live-cell or fixed-cell labeling. Moreover, our cell structure probes are specially formulated as ready-to-use cell imaging solutions designed to stain cells without calculation, dilution or pipetting. The probe reagents are supplied in dropper bottle. If you simply add 2 drops per milliliter of your cell suspension, it is then ready for you to image.

Related Features:
1) Bright Fluorescence
2) Multicolor selection
3) Compatible for cell imaging and flow cytometry
4) Validated protocol for application