Human Lung Adenocarcinoma FFPE Sections


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SKU# Organ Pathology Diagnosis Gender/Age Smoking Grade TMN/Stage Thickness Biomarker
HuPS-03008T Human Lung lung adenocarcinoma  Male/55 No 2 T1cN0M0/IA  5um

Slide Preparation

Human tissue was fixed in formalin immediately after excision and embedded in paraffin. The tissue sections were 5 µm in thickness and mounted each on positively charged glass slides.


1 section on each slide


5 slides per package


Histology stain, IHC/IF, FISH and ISH

Storage Condition

Store at 2-8ºC

More Images of H&E Stain and IHC

HuPS-03008T Human lung Adenocarcinoma H&E,0.8X
HuPS-03008T Human lung Adenocarcinoma H&E,40X
HuPS-03008T Human lung Adenocarcinoma H&E,20X

Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (PDF)

HuPS-03008T Data Sheet

FFPE block-Section MSDS