Human Breast Cancer with ER+/PR+/Her2 (+) & Normal Matched Pair Tissue FFPE Sections


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SKU# Organ Pathology Diagnosis Gender Age Grade TMN Thickness IHC Data
HuPS-02005TA Human Breast Human breast Invasive ductal carcinoma and adjacent normal tissue Female  50  2  N/A   5μm  ER(30% +), PR(30%+), CK-7(+),P53(-), CK5/6(-), Ki67(25% +),Her2 (++), VEGF(+), E-cad(+)

Slide Preparation

Human tissue was fixed in formalin immediately after excision and embedded in paraffin. The tissue sections were 5 µm in thickness and mounted each on positively charged glass slides.


1 section on each slide


10 slides (5 cancer and 5 normal tissue slides)


Histology stain, IHC/IF, FISH and ISH

Storage Condition

Store at 2-8ºC

H&E and IHC Images

HuPS-02005TA Human Breast Cancer, H&E, 2x



HuPS-02005TA Human Breast Adjacent Normal, H&E, 2x
HuPS-02005TA, Breast Cancer, Ki67 IHC
HuPS-02005TA, Normal Breast Tissue, Ki67 IHC

Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (PDF)

HuPS-02005TA Data Sheet