Human Umbilical Cord (Normal) FFPE Sections


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SKU# Organ Pathology Diagnosis Gender Age  Gestation (Weeks) H&E Staining IHC Test
HuPS-10001 Human Umbilical cord Normal umbilical cord  tissue  Female  22 40 yes   yes

Slide Preparation

Human tissue was fixed in formalin immediately after excision and embedded in paraffin. The tissue sections were 5 µm in thickness and mounted each on positively charged glass slides.


2 sections on each slide


5 slides per package


Histology stain, IHC/IF, FISH and ISH

Storage Condition

Store at 2-8ºC

More Images

Human Normal umbilical cord  tissue, H&E staining

Human Normal umbilical cord  tissue, H&E staining


Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (PDF)

HuPS-10001 Data Sheet

FFPE block-Section MSDS