Polymer Based 1-Step IHC System

Immunohistochemical staining is widely used in pathology labs and basic research to understand the distribution and localization of biomarkers in different parts of a tissue.  The polymer enzyme system is one of the current IHC detection systems in use.

The IHC detection systems based on the polymers method consist of a polymer of an active enzyme linked to a secondary antibody specific for a target primary antibody. This format makes it possible to significantly increase the amount of enzyme present at the site of localization and therefore a greater signal by converting a greater quantity of substrate into precipitate.

Polymerizing enzymes and attaching the polymers to antibodies is a new technology. This technology has been applied to both primary antibodies and detection systems. The VitroView™ Polymer Based 1-step IHC system utilizes a novel polymerization technology to prepare polymeric HRP-linker antibody conjugates.

​1) Biotin-Free
2) High sensitivity
3) Low background
4) Reduction of procedural steps and time
5) Ready-to-use
​6) Simplified multiple labeling

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