Proteinase K Antigen Retrieval Kit (2000 tests)


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Proteinase K Antigen Retrieval Kit is designed to break the protein cross-links, therefore unmask the antigens and epitopes in formalin-fixed and paraffin embedded tissue sections, thus enhancing staining intensity of antibodies.


Unmask the antigens and epitopes for IHC/IF or in situ TUNEL assay


  1. Proteinase K Stock Solution (20×) ————–10ml
  2. Proteinase K Dilution Buffer———————200ml


  • Proteinase  K Stock Solution (20×) and Proteinase K Dilution Buffer can be aliquoted and stored at –20 ºC for 2-3 years.


  1. Deparaffinize sections in 2 changes of xylene, 5 minutes each.
  2. Hydrate in 2 changes of 100% ethanol for 2 minutes each, 95% and 75% ethanol for 2 minute each. Then rinse in distilled water.
  3. Proteinase K Stock Solution (20×)   should be diluted 1:20 for working solution (1×) using Proteinase K Dilution Buffer.
  4. Cover sections with Proteinase K working solution and incubate 10-20 minutes at 37 ºC in humidified chamber (optimal incubation time may vary depending on tissue type and degree of fixation, and should be determined by user).
  5. Allow sections to cool at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  6. Rinse sections in PBS Tween 20 for 2×2 min.
  7. Proceed to standard immunohistochemistry protocol.

Note: This product is intended for research purposes only. This product is not intended to be used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes in humans or animals. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Do not ingest. Wear gloves.

User Manual (PDF)

VB-6009 user manual

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