DNase-Treated TUNEL Positive Control Slides (5 slides)


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DNase-Treated TUNEL Positive Control Slides are designed for in situ TUNEL apoptosis positive control.  Mouse FFPE tissue section slides were treated with DNAse I. Following DNase I treatment, the slides were dehydrated and covered with paraffin for long term storage.


1 section on each slide

Package Size

5 slides per package


In situ TUNEL apoptosis positive control


Store at 2-8ºC

Images of TUNEL from TUNEL positive control slides

In Situ TUNEL, Green Color

In Situ TUNEL, Red Color

In Situ TUNEL, DAB (Brown)

Product Data Sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) (PDF)

MsPs-TP-01 Data Sheet