Immunofluorescence Detection Kits

Immunofluorescence (IF) stands as a crucial immunochemical technique that facilitates the identification and precise localization of a diverse range of antigens within various tissue types and cell preparations. IF boasts exceptional sensitivity and signal amplification capabilities when compared to other methods.

IF is a versatile technique that enables the visualization of numerous components within a given tissue or cell type. This versatility is achieved through the use of specific antibodies tagged with fluorophores. Consequently, the potential applications in both research and patient care are extensive.

When performing IF evaluations, a wide array of sample conditions can be employed. It can be applied to cultured cells or cell suspensions and can also target specific elements within tissue samples or entire organisms. Additionally, fresh samples are amenable to IF studies if they are promptly snap-frozen or preserved in Michel’s transport medium, which allows for transportation and room temperature storage for up to 72 hours.

Furthermore, IF is capable of detecting single antigens or multiple antigens simultaneously, making it a powerful tool for immunological research and diagnostics.