VitroView™ Twort’s Counterstain Kit


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The Twort’s Counterstaining Kit is designed for histological procedures to provide contrast for easier visualization of tissue sections. It can be used as a counterstain for Gram staining.

Kit Contents

  VB-2001-1  Twort’s Neutral Red Solution  200 ml
  VB-2001-2  Twort’s Fast Green Solution  100  ml


 Room temperature.


Things to do before staining:

Preparation of Working Twort’s counterstain solution:

  • Twort’s Neutral Red Solution—–10 ml
  • Twort’s Fast Green Solution——5 ml
  • ddH2o————————————-25 ml

Mix immediately before use.


  1. Deparaffinize sections if necessary and hydrate to distilled water.
  2. Stain slide in Working Twort’s Counterstain for 5 min. Use once and discard.
  3. Rinse quickly in distilled water and carefully blot dry.
  4. Dehydrate slides quickly in clean pure Acetone with 3 dips (do not use any alcohols).
  5. Clear in three changes of xylene, 10 dips each; coverslip with compatible mounting medium

Expected Results

  • Nuclei——————————–Red
  • Cytoplasm—————————Light Green

More Images

Human Skin Twort’s Staining, 2x

Human Skeletal Muscle Twort’s Staining, 10x

Rat Spleen Twort’s Staining, 10x

Mouse Esophagus Twort’s Staining, 4x

Mouse Lung Cancer Twort’s Staining, 40x

Mouse Sternum and Bone Marrow Twort’s Staining, 2x


This product is intended for research purposes only. This product is not intended to be used for therapeutic or diagnostic purposes in humans or animals.


Handle with care. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Do not ingest. Wear gloves.

User Manual and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)  (PDF)

VB-2001 User Manual

VB-2001 MSDS.doc