Pure Cell Population Isolated by LCM

The ArcturusXT™ LCM instrument has a proprietary combination of a gentle IR laser and a powerful UV laser that work in conjunction to efficiently isolate cells without changing morphology or integrity of the biological content. Pure cell population from some special samples is very important for biomedical molecular biology research. VitroVivo provides some premade pure cell population which were microdissected by ArcturusXT™ LCM system.

Key Features:
1) LCM provides a reliable methods to collect pure and precise population of target cells.
2) LCM creates no chemical bonds to the target tissue so molecule in LCM-transfer cells are not degraded.
3) Dissected pure cells can be used for multiple molecular analysis such as DNA or RNA analysis and proteomics.
4) Application of pre-dissected pure cells or ready-to-use DNA, RNA and protein will greatly save your time and accelerate your research and discovery.